Quick Cash for Quick Work!

Small Business is Our Priority

Strategic Leads is dedicated to expanding small business’ reach and expand into new territory.

What Is this All About?

We know you have questions like, “What is this all about?” so please read below to answer any questions you have.

Is this really a quick gig for quick cash?

Yes! There is no catch! You do 5 minutes worth of work to receive $40.

Why do you need my address?

Great question! Have you ever did a Google Search for a local business and seen something like this:

All of these listings started with a postcard at an address. But you’ll notice the address is not visible. We just need an address in the area to receive a postcard with a code, so our listing can get verified.

Why can't the business use their own address?

Great question! Our specialty service is giving business owners a head start in an area before they move in! For example, our clients have an office location in City A, but want customers in City B. We help them to get a postcard in City B to start their business marketing there!

Will anyone see my address?

Probably not! The address is hidden as soon as the postcard is verified. Someone would have to dig REALLY deep to find the address. I have personally used my home address about 20 times with no issues.

Is this real?

Yup! We do this a lot, around the country so we have a good system going. We offer $40 for literally a few minutes of your time. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your address, don’t apply, but if you want 40 bucks, then we will deliver!

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