Welcome Questions

Now that we know more about you, please learn more about us!

Our business motto is unique in that we are handing you highly qualified, exclusive leads. But, I bet you have some questions! Start below to get a better idea of how this works and to get started seamlessly.


How do the leads come to me?

When a customer calls a tracking number or fills out a form to request a service you provide, the call or form comes directly to you. Either by a phone call or form submission. The form leads will be texted to your preferred number and come from (478) 220-0399 (save this number as “Text Leads from Strategic Leads”)/ Please do not reply to this number, it goes to an unmonitored mailbox.

How will I know the call is from you?

Every call will have a whisper message that you will hear before the caller is patched through. It will say something like “This is a landscaping call from Strategic Leads”.

How should I answer the calls from you?

The best way to answer is, “[Service], this is [name], how may I help you?” So for example, it may be “Carpet cleaning, this is Bob, how may I help you?” or “Snow removal, this is Jack, how can I help?

What if the customer asks why the company name is different on the website?

Our customers come from many places on the web, so sometimes there may be a little confusion. The easiest way to avoid this is to just simply say, “That is one of our marketing sites” or “We have a few partner companies”, then quickly transition them by saying, “How can I help you with [snow removal/concrete/carpet cleaning] today?”

Will the customer be confused if they see another company name?

 No, usually not, it’s always a pretty generic name. They have a problem that you can solve and that is all they care about. Solve their problem by finding out how you can help and schedule an appointment with them. You DO NOT need to give them any more information. It only leads to confusion because they don’t understand your arrangement. Do not say anything about leads. Just simply say: “You came to us from a marketing channel, I am here to help you!”

What if the caller isn't looking for my service or is a solicitor?

Most callers are highly qualified, but occasionally solicitors (or Home Advisor reps) get through to you. Please just tell them you are busy and cannot take their call. I pay per minute for my call system and they will have you on the phone for hours, just hang up on them if they won’t let you go. If anyone calls claiming they are from Google and are verifying a listing, please give them my number and tell them to call me. These calls may be important.

To Do

1. Log into CallRail

You will receive an email from CallRail. Please choose a password and log in at www.callrail.com. Write down your password in a place you will remember.

CallRail keeps a log of all calls and shows which calls went to you. If you miss a call, this is a good place to see caller identification information or hear a voicemail (it will also be texted or shown on the mobile app).

2. Download the CallRail mobile app

Download the mobile app to have access to all calls on the go. You can view voicemails and see missed calls. You can even get mobile notifications for missed calls and voicemails in real time.


Log into the mobile app and get familiar with the app. ABANDONED CALLS are usually spam, so please ignore those unless they look like local numbers with caller names.

3. Answer Calls!

“A staggering 62% of phone calls to small businesses are left unanswered.”

Most people looking for a service will only call a business once before moving onto another business. Think about how many lost customers that can equal in one year.

Just by answering your calls, you can increase your profits by 40%.

If you need help to answer calls, we can provide an answering service during the day or after hours for a nominal fee.

How to use the Mobile App

Airtable – All Your Leads in One Place

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a spreadsheet software where your leads overview will be located. You will receive a unique link when you first sign on, so keep that in a safe place.

Why is Airtable asking me to make an account?

This is just the way airtable works. Your account is free, don’t worry!

Can I edit the leads in Airtable?

Depending on your Permissions you may or may not be able to edit the spreadheet, but you can always view the live document at any time in real-time!

Lead Generated – Our form submission CRM

What is Lead Generated?

Lead Generated is our Customer Management Software, which is free for you to use. All of your form leads leads will be visible in the software and you can keep track of lead progress and follow-up.

How do I log into Lead Generated?

You will be emailed a login. Please create a password and poke around. Please watch the video below to see an overview of the software.

Can I edit the leads in Lead Generated?

Yes! Most items you can edit. There may be some sections only a member of my team can edit, but you can track lead progress and edit a lead’s status to help you keep track. Leads can be exported to an Excel Sheet if needed.

Please see the video below for a brief explainer video:

Payment and What’s Next

How do you receive payment?

I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, ACH Transfer and Venmo. If you are on a pay-per-lead structure, I will be auto charging your card two days after you receive an overview of leads. Please ask me if you don’t know when I am billing for you.

Ask any questions.

I, or someone from my team is available to take any questions or if you have any concerns. Please call or text 914-494-9849 or email ashley@strategicleads.co.

What if my payment is late?

I understand things happen and sometimes payments are late. Please reach out to me if your payment will be late. If it is past 30 days late, we will have to discuss cancellation of services.