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Let’s face it, the web is the future, and it is certainly where most people are searching for businesses or services. But, how do your customers know where to find you? You may say, “Ashley, they can find me on Google!”

But, I dare you to put yourself in the mind of a consumer and use keywords like they would use in the search engines. For example, a client may search for “[Service] in [City]”. Ok, now see if you can find your site. 

If you aren’t on page one, you’ve already lost all potential customers!

Did you know that the first organic search result sees about 32.5% of traffic, the second sees 17.6, while the 7th sees a measly 3.5%. That is only on the first page! Imagine having your business listed on page 3, 5, 15? You’ll be sitting in the dust. That is why Search Engine Optimization can make a huge difference in bringing in quality leads. But it is only one piece of the whole puzzle.

We can certainly create a beautiful website for you, but consider the cost of not adding on SEO to get that thing ranked high up in the search engines!


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