Ippei And Dan Coaching Program Review

My Journey Into Lead Generation

I was working as a Speech-Pathologist for 6 years when I decided I needed to make more money. But the thing is, I didn’t really want a side job doing exactly what I did all day, just more of it. So, I sat around for a year going further into debt because I didn’t want to get another job. I know, pathetic right?

Finally after a few missed bills and some brief internet searches like “how to make money online” and “how to make money only working 10 hours a week”, I found what I thought was the answer to my prayers: Drop shipping.

After spending 3 grueling months putting my all into it, I was tired. I hated it. It hated me. It was just not what I was meant to do. The thought of selling cheap crap from China to people based on interruption marketing made my brain hurt. I am a firm believer in less plastic and waste for the environment, yet I am going to sell stuff that ultimately ends up in the garbage to unsuspecting people? Even worse, all the stuff that can be sold is utter crap. “What would I do with all the chargebacks,” I thought? “How can I make a living from this, but not have to be attached to my computer 24/7?”

That’s when I started searching again: “Ethical ways to make money online”. I found Ippei’s blog post. I read it and re-read it and visited the case studies website about twenty times. I watched all the case studies and decided not to take action. “This is totally a scam,” I thought.

I’m a skeptical person, so I passed on it for about a month. But one day in Early January of 2019, I signed up for my one on one call. My drop shipping dreams had died and I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out, even if it wasn’t legit.

On the fateful day of my call, I spoke to Eiric, a straight shooting, compassionate person that was willing to listen to all my concerns. He had an answer to every single one of my objections. It was like he knew the struggles I had been through. Looking back on it, he was using some pretty standard sales techniques that I now use with my own prospects, but at the time I was floored. He assured me it wasn’t a scam and sold me on the idea of a coaching program, which is exactly what I needed. He didn’t use the word “guru”, but instead explained that the process was laid out in front of me, exactly what I would need to do.

After an internal battle with myself and an impulsive decision later, I was forking over a sum of money to this man I had never met, without even consulting my husband. Gasp! But the crazy thing was, I felt I had already met Dan, through all his case study videos. And the tuition was about $60,000 less than my college education, so in a weird way it seemed like a good bargain looking at it that way. A new skillset for that price, I was in! My mind was racing and I knew PayPal had my back if this went south.

After signing the contract and being initiated into the private Facebook group and starting the training ASAP, I knew this was for me. This was the ethical online money maker I was looking for. It definitely wasn’t going to be easy or even fast, but what legit way to make money is? Search engine rankings were not new to me, which can be found in another post HERE, but sales and lead generation were, so I knew I had a lot of learning to do.


A New Skillset That Has Massive Value

I spent every waking hour for 3 weeks absorbing all the well-laid out videos Dan put together and making a website by following along. Literally every step is laid out for you (Eiric wasn’t kidding about that). There’s no interpretation or decision making on your part like there was with drop shipping. If Dan has it in a video, it’s important, if not, it’s probably isn’t. As I followed along, I utilized the amazing FB group for support and guidance.

This FB group is not your average FB group. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It’s an awesome group of people, from seasoned veterans making millions to newbies like me just starting out. Everyone is encouraging and supportive and overall just freaking awesome. Some people in the group have even gone above and beyond by offering to show me tips and tricks for success or hold my hand through a tricky topic. People I now talk to daily, I have met in this FB group, that’s how powerful it is. I’ve even partnered up with some other members on some projects because we each have a unique skillset to bring to the table.

The best part of the FB group is Dan. Every single Tuesday and Thursday Dan has a live video covering an important topic or answering questions, sometimes for 3 hours! Ladies and Gentlemen, that is dedication! I feel like I got my money’s worth just from that. In one year, you will get approximately 202 extra training videos with your price of admission. (You also get past videos from all time, so the number could be closer to 1000). I was expecting my entry fee to pay for some videos, get a pat on the shoulder and be told to figure it out on your own (kind of like grad school). If you’re looking to be left in the dark, this is not the place for you! If you want a firm kick in the tush, then you’ve found the right place.

I literally made a reminder on my calendar twice a week to watch and take notes on the live stream. Sometimes Dan has guest appearances from successful members, or entrepreneurs with a different perspective. There are giveaways (I’ve won a ton of add on videos and upgrades), which kept me motivated to just keep moving forward. This is value and keeps you motivated. There are times of ease and times of struggle, and that is where the group has its value. Lean on these people to get you to your next goal.

After almost a year of grinding daily (some days more than others), I have 14 websites completed, 6 in the works, and 9 clients. I’ve been able to do some one-off web design deals and SEO to bring in extra cash. And, at the time of this writing, I just got a call for another web design deal. Cha Ching!

I’m not even close to being in the big leagues yet, but every day I work, I know I’m a day closer. I can see my confidence in sales and speaking with business owners has changed drastically. At one point I was accepting any deal a business owner would throw at me, no matter how crappy it was for me. “1% of closed sales you say, sure I’ll take it!” Now I can confidently say, “No thank you, that does not work for me” and usually the deal I propose is one they agree with ultimately (because the leads are just that good). It’s a common occurrence to hear glowing reviews about how qualified my leads are, or how impressive I can get them without using the dreaded Home Advisor (I have another post about that too).

stamped concrete miami GMB
Ranking #1 in Maps and #2 Organically.
NYC reupholstery GMB
Ranking #3 on Maps and #4 Organically. (Still working on this site).

Work Hard and Be Rewarded

212 painter rankings
Ranking #1 – #3 for High Search Volume Keywords in a competitive niche.
If you want to learn how to provide killer leads to businesses that have no idea how to get them this is for you. If you want to be able to sell a product that can basically sell itself, this is for you. If you want to watch $$ come in from something you worked on months ago and haven’t touched since, this is for you. It doesn’t come easy and requires hard work, dedication, persistence, and most importantly patience, but the juice is worth the squeeze.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for shortcuts and money tomorrow, this isn’t for you. This is a business, a real job, and it should be treated as such. Dan and his crew have created a community for motivated entrepreneurs and I am glad to be a part of their endeavor. Take the plunge and you will never look back. If you don’t find success at first, you probably aren’t working hard enough. Keep at it until you find your groove, that’s where the magic happens.


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