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Editing Neighborhood and POI Posts once they are on website

Editing Posts once they are on website

1. Go to Posts

2. Make sure all the posts you made are there

3. Choose a post to edit

Start with ALL Neighborhood pages or ALL Things to do.

  • Click on post name to edit post.

4. Add new Row

Click on the + button to add a new row for our map embeds.

4.1 DIVI Builder ONLY: Add a COLUMN

If the website has the Divi builder or another builder enabled, you will add a column and choose the 2 column option.


  • If the website has Kadence theme installed, add a Row Layout.
  • Choose the 2 column option (click on it twice).

5. Choose “custom HTML”

Choose custom html form the box and add it in both cioulmns.

6. Add Map Embed and Driving Directions

  1. Add the Driving directions code to one of the html boxes.
  2. Add the map embed to the other.
  4. Highlight it in yellow when you are done.


7. Add Next page and GMB Name

  1. Add a section above the 2 map embeds (paragraph field).
  2. Type the name of the next POI or Neighborhood page.
  3. Each type of page will go in a circle. (ex. POI1 > POI2 > POI3 > POI4 …. POI10 > POI1.

7.1 Link to next Page in Circle

7.2 Links to GMB Maps Share link

7.3 FInished Result Should Look Like This

8. Check the links on the page

  1. Make sure the name of the POI or neighborhood is linked to the homepage (or if this is a second GMB, this would link to that URL) in the first anchor.

8.1 Check maps link

Make sure the link goes to the correct POI or neighborhood on Google Maps.

9. Adding link to homepage or location page

  1. Make sure the page is linked to the GMB Page URL (this will be the homepage or location page of the site) with the city and a modifier as an anchor. This is the page we are trying to pass relevance to.



City, St

City, State

City, St area

City, State area

near City

around City

in City

near City, St

around City, St

in City, St

near City, State

around City, State

in City, State

by City

by City, St

by City, State

a part of City

a part of City, St

City of City

of City

10. Go into Post Column and check off category

Check off appropriate category and remove uncategorized.

11. Add City Tag

Add our city tag.

12. Edit Title

Change the title to just be the POI or Neighborhood name

13. Change Permalink

Change the permalink to just be the POI or Neighborhood name.

14. Publish Page

Press update or publish to make the page go live.

15. Preview Page

Preview in new tab to make sure maps are correct and everything looks good and all links work.