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Add new GMB Reviews Doc

Making a new GMB Reviews Template sheet

1. Go into Fusioo Record for GMB

If there is no existing reviews doc created, you need to create one.

2. Make a copy of reviews sheet template

Please go here and make a copy:

3. Add GMB Maps URL


4. Add relevant keywords

5. Add main GMB Category

6. Change Name to “GMB NAME – GMB REVIEWS”

7. Move to Lead Gen Folder

File > Move


01_Lead Gens


Choose Lead Gen folder


Move Here


Choose Move again

8. Share

8.1 Copy Link

9. Add link to “Reviews Google Doc” Section

Edit the record and add the google doc link.

10. Go to Maps URL to get service offerings

11. Click on reviews

12. Click “Write a review

13. Did you use this business?

Choose “Yes”

14. Expand the selection

15. Find all the services we provide

16. Add them to the SERVICES tab

17. Now you have services to choose from!