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We help chiropractors get more patients so they can build a sustainable practice for years to come.

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We may be a small company, but we pack a big punch and know exactly how to get your practice growing. You’ll be attracting more clients in no time if you follow our detailed business plan!

We pride ourselves on unrivaled customer service. If you have a question, or just want to say “Hi”, we will always be there to answer your call and give you the special attention you deserve. 

As the great Frank Zappa once said,

One size does not fit all“.


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Upon talking to countless business owners, we started seeing the same types of questions and comments. Everyone wants to get noticed, but their ads are costing them an arm an a leg with no return on investment. Their website isn’t driving any traffic. They don’t know where their business is coming from because it isn’t being tracked. Business owners are struggling to get new customers using the old methods and Home Advisor’s shady business models and we are here to help!

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

We get that everyone is trying to save a buck, especially when advertising on the web is a foreign concept to you, but we are here to say, “STOP”! If you are trying to save yourself to wealth, you’re in the wrong place. If you know you need to  Invest in your business; invest in new customer acquisition.

If you’re paying for an office space, or equipment, you have already invested a significant amount of money into your business, so you know investments can be good.

But, they can also be bad. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of web design agencies and marketers that do not have your best interest in mind or miss the big picture altogether. They are often waiting on you to tell them what you need. And how would you know what you need? You’re not an internet marketer, are you? Let us help by scheduling a call today.


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Answers to Your Questions

Is this a one time service or ongoing?

We believe in an ongoing relationship to really drive your business forward. A website is beautiful, but it’s made for a business card if that is where we choose to end. Ongoing maintenance of the lead generation site will keep it looking fresh and up to date, while driving more and more calls to your business. We think that’s worth its weight in gold.

What is a lead generating site?

A lead gen site is a site specifically designed to attract traffic and hot leads to your business. By optimizing one of our lead gen sites, it will attract customers to your business with no stress on your end. The site and everything that goes with it is our responsibility to deal with. A powerhouse combination is to put us in charge of SEO for your site and have a lead generation site built alongside it. 


“If you’re trying to save yourself to wealth, you may as well go broke.”

Ashley DePiano

Founder and CEO, Strategic Leads LLC

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